PowerPAC Online Registration

PAC Online Registration is a solution that allows libraries to instantly issue library cards online. Patrons fill out an application and are immediately given a library card number and password. View the process below:


What can patrons access with PAC Online Registration?

  • Patrons can immediately access Overdrive eBooks and eAudiobooks if the library allows. 

  • Patrons can place holds in the PAC.  

  • If the library wants patrons using PAC Online Registration to gain access to additional eContent and databases, they will need to contact each vendor individually.  

What does a library need to do to use PAC Online Registration?  

To participate in PAC Online Registration, CCS needs the following from the library:

  1. Designate a patron code for patrons using PAC Online Registration. This must be an existing patron code. CCS can help determine which code is appropriate.  

  2. Designate an email address to receive an email notification when a patron registers online. CCS recommends using an email address multiple staff may access.  

  3. Determine an expiration date for PAC Online Registration cards. This may be an exact date (example: 7/1/2021) or any number of days (example 30 days).  

  4. Determine if the library will allow PAC Online Registration cards to access your Overdrive collection.  

  5. Customize the following language used in the PAC:  

  • PAC Online Registration Link Text

  • PAC Online Registration Form Message

  • PAC Online Registration Welcome Message


What does the workflow look like for library staff?

Below is a typical workflow:  

  • Patron creates library card using PAC Online Registration. Patron receives library card beginning with PACREG prefix and password. Please note that the online form does not reject any applicants as long the required fields are filled out. 

  • The patron registration information is entered into LEAP. A “verify borrower” block will automatically be placed on the online registrant’s account. Staff will encounter this block when checking out to patrons. The block itself will not automatically stop the patron from checking out at a self-check, but CCS can configure self-check settings to recognize this block.  

  • Library receives an email notification that patron has registered in the PAC.  

  • Optional: Library can send welcome email with further information. Some libraries have also chosen to share a library barcode at this point to replace the PACREG barcode.  

  • Optional: Library can send rejection email with further information if patron is not in library’s service population.  

  • Patron visits library to get a physical card. The PACREG barcode is placed in the Former Barcode field and the new barcode is placed in the Barcode field. 

  • Patron’s PAC Online Registration library card expires if they do not get a physical library card.

How does the library promote the service to patrons?

All libraries participating in PAC Online Registration feature a link on the Login screen. You can customize this text. 


Place a dashboard on the PAC home screen.

Place a dashboard on the PAC Login screen.


How can the library view a list of patrons who have registered online?

Libraries have access to a couple reports to help manage online patron registration records.  

1.STAFF CLIENT REPORT “Verify Patron Data” 

This report can be located in the Polaris Staff Client, under Utilities -> Reports & Notices -> Public Services -> Patron Services -> Verify Patron Data. The report lists all patrons registered to your branch with a “Verify patron data – online registration” block on their card. 

2.WEB REPORT “Monthly Expired PAC Registrations” 

This report can be located in Web Reports, under Patron Management -> Monthly Expired PAC Registrations. The report is compiled on the first day of each month. It lists patron accounts with a PACREG barcode number whose accounts have expired.  

April 2020