Participate in the CCS Website Redesign


CCS is undertaking a website redesign in 2020 and we need your help. There are three ways to get involved:

(1) Tell us about how you use the CCS learning portal and website.  

This survey closes April 2.  

Take the survey here  

Time commitment: 5 minutes  

(2) Participate in a virtual card sort activity. 

From April 6 – 10 CCS will conduct a virtual card sort session so that we can better understand how to organize the information on the website and learning portal. Participants in a card sort exercise will receive a “deck” of about 30 cards containing elements of the website and learning portal. Participants will work independently to organize the cards into categories that are meaningful to them. Forty participants from all library departments are needed.


RSVP here 

Time commitment: 20 minutes 


(3) Participate in a usability test 

Beginning April 6 CCS will conduct usability testing to better understand how library staff interact with our website. Participants in the usability test will complete common tasks on the website and learning portal remotely using Zoom. Five participants are needed.

Sign up here


Time commitment: 1 hour