Statistical Classes

What is a Patron Statistical Class?

Patron statistical classes contain demographic and background information that libraries may want to use for reporting purposes.

View a list of Polaris Patron Statistical Classes under Polaris Configuration.

In order to map patron statistical class codes, CCS examined a list of almost 2,500 combinations of Symphony User Category 1 in combination with Symphony User Profile. In some cases, BlueCloud reports were run in order to identify individual accounts to use as reference for mapping decisions. CCS also reached out to individual libraries if we needed clarification on how a current User Category 1 or User Profile are being applied to patrons.


For each combination, CCS identified which library or branch used the Symphony User Category 1 and User Profile combination, as indicated in the Polaris Organization ID column, and then assigned it to a Polaris Patron Statistical Class Code. All Chicago Public Library and non-CCS Reciprocal Borrowers are assigned to CCS and not to the individual libraries.

                         Symphony                Symphony                                             Polaris

                      User Category 1          User Profile         Library                         Stat Class

                            1285                 EVKNONRES         EVK                 Nonresident Fee Card

                             744                  LVKNONRES          LVK                 Nonresident Fee Card


Some libraries use the Symphony User Category 1 to designate patrons’ genders. When applicable, gender was identified in a separate column; Polaris will map the gender to the patrons’ profiles in the new database.


There were patron combinations on the list that included profiles that fit in multiple Polaris Stat Class categories. For example, a combination may include staff and board cards together, or business and city/village employees together, and the patrons are not able to be accurately coded without drilling down to the individual barcode level.