Paying Outstanding Bills

To pay an outstanding bill, open the patron’s record and navigate to the Account tab.

Check the box of the charge that the patron would like to pay.

Tip: for additional information about the charge, select More -> Properties. This is where you can locate information such as the item's due date and the time stamp from when it was checked in. 

Or, check the box at the top of the column to select all outstanding charges.

Once the proper charge(s) are selected, click the blue Pay button.

Enter in the balance that the patron would like to pay. The patron can make a full or a partial payment.

Next, select the payment method from the drop down list.

Add in a staff note if appropriate, and click Pay. The patron’s account will now reflect the payment.

To view the patron’s transaction history, select the View drop-down menu to the right. Select transaction summary.

This will allow you to view all payment history.

To view additional information about a paid bill, check the box to the left of the bill, and select Properties

Updated November 2019