Preliminary Data Records for Large Print

When ordering large print materials, it is important for the bibliographic record to have the correct Large Print TOM (Type of Material) in Polaris. In order to make a Large Print TOM, the 008 field of the bibliographic record should have a “d” in position 23 (Form of Item).

If the TOM is correct in the bibliographic record, patrons will see the Large Print icon in the PAC. This helps them to determine if they want to place a hold on the item or if they need to look for a regular print book.

If your library is using acquisitions in Polaris, and you are hand-keying in a large print title because an OCLC record is not available, you can use a large print bibliographic template to create the correct fields including the TOM. The information in the Description area is used to fill in the key fields in the bibliographic record. Remember to not include initial articles in the title and to put the author’s last name first when filling out this information.

In order for a bibliographic template to display in the purchase order pull-down list, it needs to begin with the words “on order.”

If your library is not using acquisitions in Polaris, you can still use a bibliographic template to create the title and then attach an On Order item. Use the “New” piece of paper icon in the far left of the main toolbar. Select bibliographic record, then select “Existing template” and then the template you would like to use.

You can then edit the document with the ordering information. Save and then attach an On Order item.

Kathy Schmidt