Daily Picklist

All CCS libraries will process the picklist at least daily, Monday through Friday. The picklist updates in real time as requests are placed.


To open the Picklist, select  the Utilities menu and click Picklist Processing.

Make sure the correct branch is selected. This field will automatically default to the branch you are logged in to Leap with.

The picklist screen has 5 tabs:


  • Pending - Click the Pending tab to list the hold requests with a Pending status for the selected branch. These are items located at your library that need to be pulled to trap holds for patrons.

  • Located - Click the Located tab to list the holds that have been set to Located for the selected branch.These are holds that have been pulled from the shelf by library staff, but have not been trapped yet.

  • Unclaimed - Click the Unclaimed tab to list the holds with an Unclaimed status for the selected branch. These are expired holds that should be pulled from the holds shelf, checked in, and placed back into circulation. All libraries should pull unclaimed holds daily.

  • Unclaimed ILL - Click the Unclaimed ILL tab to list the ILL requests for the selected pickup branch that have expired on the holds shelf.

  • Holds to Transfer - The Holds to Transfer tab lists held items that need to be transferred to a different pickup branch. CCS has disabled branch switching for items that are held, so there should not be any items on this tab. Please submit a help ticket if you experience otherwise.


The Picklist workform defaults to the Pending tab. The pending tab can be sorted by any column header, including pickup branch, call number, and shelf location. Pending items can also be filtered by typing text into the filter box. Libraries can sort the picklist according to their local procedures.


When an item on the picklist has been located, check the box next to the title and click the Located button.

Located indicates that the item has been found, and will shortly become held for the patron or be placed in-transit to the pick up library. The pending request moves to the Located list, which you can view by selecting Located at the top of the page.

Ask Me Later

Selecting Ask me Later removes the hold request from the library’s pending list.

The request will move on to the next branch. Selecting “Ask Me Later” leaves the original item eligible to fill the request. If no other branch is able to fill the request, the request will be routed back to you, giving you a second chance to find the item. If no other items can fill the request, you will see a message alerting you that your library has the only item. In this case, the request remains Pending at your branch until some other action is taken (the request is denied, canceled, or set to inactive).


If you are unable to find an item on the shelf, check the box next to item and select the Missing button. 

When an item is declared missing from the Picklist in Leap, the item status is changed from Available to Missing, and the history is updated with the following: Circulation status modified via Picklist processing.


If for some reason, the library is unable to fill a hold request, check the box next to the item and select the red Deny button. 

Potential reasons for denying a hold request include the item is lost, not holdable, is non-circulating, etc. Select the correct reason the hold request was denied from the Reason drop-down list box. 

When a hold request is denied, it is removed from the libary’s pending list. Item-level hold requests are set to Not Supplied, and bibliographic-level hold requests are set to Active and will be updated to Pending for another item the next day.


To view additional information about the hold request, select the box next the item and click Properties.

The Hold Properties box includes links to both the patron and item records.