6.1 Upgrade


On Thursday, October 18, Innovative upgraded our training database to the latest version of Polaris, 6.1. We are excited to explore the new release, and encourage all staff to participate in data testing! Below, learn how you can help with testing and be entered to win a $10 Starbucks gift card. Learn more about the new features coming your way in 6.1. CCS will upgrade our production environment to 6.1 on Tuesday, December 4.


Testing 6.1


What: Library staff can help identify potential data issues and unexpected behavior by completing the data testing worksheets below. If you find an problem, report it to CCS by opening a help desk ticket or emailing help@ccslib.org


How: If a staff member completes all of the tasks on a data testing worksheet, they will be entered into a raffle to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and CCS swag! Staff do not have to fill out an entry form--we'll run a report of staff who completed each assignment using the Polaris logs!


Who: All staff are invited to participate! We will draw 4 winners total; 1 per group below. Staff may have one entry per worksheet. For example, if staff complete both the ILL Worksheet and the Holds Worksheet, they will have two entries for the Group 2 drawing. Staff will not receive more than one entry per sheet.

When: All data testing should be completed by Friday, November 23. 

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Group 1

Complete all of the tasks on the Patron Accounts data testing worksheet!


Group 2

Complete all of the tasks on either the ILL data testing worksheet OR the Holds worksheet!


Group 3

Complete all of the tasks on either the Item Records data testing worksheet OR the Bib Records worksheet!


Group 4

Complete all of the tasks on either the Serials worksheet OR the Acquisitions worksheet!


Bonus Prize!

If you are the first person to to report a new bug (that doesn’t exist in 6.0 and that CCS staff can replicate!), you’ll win a special prize! CCS staff have already found and reported one--stat class values in Leap are displaying as “None” for all patrons, even though there is a real value in the staff client! We've reported to Innovative, and a patch will be released next week. 

List of all reported 6.1 bugs as of 10/19/18

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