Getting Started with Polaris Test

How to Get Your Login

A list of logins for each library will be shared with the library's IT contact on September 19. As previously discussed, all library staff who have access to patron data will login to Polaris with an individual login. Library staff will be responsible for securely storing their own login, and are not permitted to share their logins with others.

At the October IT group meeting, we will review how to request new logins, deactivate logins for separated staff, and other local administration duties. For now, IT staff should distribute individual logins to each staff member in accordance with their internal security procedures. The list of logins should not be stored on a shared drive or otherwise posted in an accessible manner. 

Accessing Leap

Public services staff--including circulation and adult, teen, and youth services--will use the Leap Web App to access Polaris. Leap does not require any installation, and is accessed through a web browser. Innovative recommends Chrome, and Internet Explorer is also supported. Learn how to log in to Leap

Staff Client Installation Instructions

Technical services staff will use the traditional staff client. Installation instructions are available here. The staff client requires a two part login process. 


1. Staff will use the Remote App to connect to the terminal server, the device where the Polaris staff client is housed.













After connecting via Remote App, staff will log in to the terminal server.

2. After logging into the terminal server, staff will then login to the Polaris staff client using their individual login.








View the complete installation instructions here.

Each library has a limited number of terminal server logins initially based on the number of purchased Symphony licenses. Only one staff member can be logged into a given terminal server account at a time. If a user tries to log in to a terminal server account already in use, the first user will be bumped. CCS suggests that staff who will be using the staff client on a daily basis be assigned their own terminal server login. Other logins can be distributed and shared by department or as needed. Please read the 8/24 How to Prepare for additional information on what can be done in Leap vs. the Staff Client.