Featured Report: Monthly Lost, Missing and Bindery(Damaged)

Report Title: Monthly Lost and Missing and Bindery(Damaged)

Located: Web Reports

Frequency: Monthly

Summary: Items Changed to Lost or Missing or Bindery During Previous Month. Bindery is also known as Damaged.

The Monthly Lost, Missing and Bindery(Damaged) report lists all of the items owned by your branch that have had circulation statuses changed to Lost, Missing, or Damaged within the last calendar month. The report is located in the Statistics section of Web Reports.

The report runs on the first day of the month. Previous months' reports are available by clicking "Display Archive." The report contains three tabs, one for each status.

Note about Bindery(Damaged): The report identifies items whose statuses changed to Damaged within the given time frame. However, while the status displays in Leap and the Staff Client as "Damaged," the status was modified from "Bindery." The report shows the label of "Bindery" since that is how the status was originally built in the database, even though the description has been modified.

Circulation Statuses in Leap

The report can be used to notify selectors of potential replacement titles, as a search list for Missing items, and more. Please note, the report lists items whose circulation status was changed during the previous month. The date range is defined at the top of the report. This report is not a complete list of all items with a status of Lost, Missing, or Damaged belonging to your branch.