Sending Search Results to a Record Set in Leap

A record set is a group of records (items, patrons, bibs). When searching in the Find Tool in Leap, staff can choose to send part or all of their search results to a record set.

Adding Select Search Results to a Record Set


Open the find tool and enter in your search criteria. Click the search icon to initiate the search.

Select the items you would like to add to your record set by clicking the box to the left of the title.

Once you've selected all of the records you would like to include in your record set, click the Add to Record Set button at the bottom of the search window.

You can choose to add the record to an existing record set, or create a New record set.

Adding All Search Results to a  Record Set

To add all of your search results to a record set, enter in your search terms and apply any search filters. Select the shopping bag icon to the left of the search icon.

This will send all search results to a new record set. Check the box next to "Send Results to a New Record Set" and name your record set. Click Apply.

The shopping bag icon will now be highlighted green. Click the search icon to perform the search and send the results to your new record set.

A pop-up window will indicate that the new record set has successfully been created. Click Yes to open the record set immediately, or No to return to the search results.