Issuing a Refund

To issue a refund for a bill that has been paid, open the patron's record and navigate to the Account tab.

Only unpaid bills appear in the patron's account summary. Paid bills can be viewed in the patron's Transaction Summary. To open the patron’s transaction summary, select the View drop-down menu, and select Transaction Summary.

The Transaction Summary view allows you to see all of the patron's payment history. There are different types of transactions listed, included charges, payments, and waived fees. 

To refund a payment, check the box to the left of the payment you wish to refund (type: Pay), and select the Refund button.

Enter in the refund dollar amount, and select Refund.

A green bar will indicate the payment was successfully refunded. The payment will still be listed in the patron's transaction summary, but with a type of "Refund." 

A note about Lost & Paid items:

Libraries may follow local practice for giving refunds on lost & paid items. If the library gives the patron a refund for a non-local item, the item should be sent back to the Owning Library.

Libraries will not send payment back-and-forth for refunded items. As such, the Owning Library will not reimburse the transacting library for the refund.

Updated October 2019