Reordering the Holds Queue

In special instances, staff may need to adjust a patron's position in the holds queue. To begin, open the Holds Queue for the request that needs to be adjusted. 

Make sure you are viewing the Queue tab . (A patron's place in the holds queue cannot be adjusted from the All Holds Request tab). 


Find the patron whose place in the holds queue needs to be modified.

*Tip: If the list of patrons is long, use the filter box to limit your results!


Check the box next to the request to be moved.


Note: If you have applied a filter to the queue, you must clear the filter before adjusting the patron up or down in the list. Click the "x" in the filter text box to clear the filter. 


Select the "Up" or "Down" buttons to move the patron's request one place at a time. 


Select the Top button to move the patron to the Top of the list. Select the Bottom button to move them to the bottom. 


Click SAVE to save any changes to the holds queue.  


Updated April 2020