Routing Lists

When you check in a serial issue, you can print a route slip to attach to the issue if you want to route it to several people.


To create a new route slip, click on the blank piece of paper on the Polaris toolbar.

Blank piece of paper.png

A new window will appear. Use the pull down menu to select “Serials Objects.”


Select Route List and click on OK.

New Route List.png

A new Route List form will appear.

Blank Route List.png

Type in a unique name for the route list. You can make it specific to one magazine or you could name it for a particular group of people who get the same magazines. For example, you could name it Selectors and attach multiple magazines to the routing list.


After you have named the route list, click on the plus sign to the right of the word Pieces. Search for the SHR of the magazine that you wish to route. You can add more than one magazine.


Next, click the plus sign to the right of the word Members. Type in the names of the people who should be on the route list, one at a time.

Route List screen 1.png

On the second view of the route list you can customize what will print on the form.

Route List screen 2.png

Click on the Save icon and your route list is ready. When you check in an issue for that title, you will get a message about the route slip. Click on OK.

Route List message.png

The list will appear in Adobe as a pdf file and is ready to print as a full sheet of paper. It is also possible to print the route list on a receipt printer.

route slip in adobe.png

If you need to reprint the routing list, bring up the check-in record and look at the received issues. Right click on the issue you need to print. Select Print and then click on route slip.

Reprinting Route Slip.png

Kathy Schmidt