Saving Toolbar Reports Locally

The Polaris terminal servers do not run Microsoft office, which means that while library staff can save reports in Excel format, they cannot open them on the terminal server. These files must be downloaded to the local workstation in order to be opened.

Before accessing Polaris Reports, you can map a network drive on your local workstation to make it easier to find a folder on your computer from the File Explorer.

**Note: If you can't connect to a network drive or folder, you may not have the correct permissions. Try contacting your network administrator.

  1. Open Utilities: Reports/Notices.

2. Right click the report you wish to run.​

3. Select Output Type, and select Excel.​

4.  Right click the report again, and click Save As​

5. Select the mapped drive you created.

6. Name the report. If you wish to save in excel, add .xls at the end of the file name

7. Select the additional report parameters and click submit.​

8. Depending on how large the report is, it may take a few moments to export the report to your local drive. Open the local drive to check for the report.