Self-Service Hold Slip Standards

Governing Board and Executive Committee requested that CCS standardize self-service hold slip printing, and that the Circulation/ILL Advisory Group should make that determination based on input from the Database Management Committee ahead of anticipated ILA recommend best practices. 

The Circulation/ILL Advisory Group met Friday, December 13, 2019. In making their decision, the group considered a number of factors, including: 

  • Patron privacy

  • Database Management Committee input

  • Diversity of CCS libraries in regards to hold volume and patron population

  • Various lengths of patron names

  • The patron experience

  • Staffing and workflow of holds areas

The Standards

After discussion, the group approved the following standards:

  • Libraries with self-service holds must use the Polaris Hold Pickup Slip (the hold wrapper) with held items

  • The hold slips must display 4 or fewer characters of the last name, plus the first and middle initial

  • The hold slips will display the hold unclaimed date

  • Optionally, the hold slips may display the last 4 or fewer digits of the library card barcode

  • Optionally, the hold slips may display the item barcode

  • The hold slips may not display any part of the patron's phone number

Going Forward

CCS will require any adjustments to hold slips go into effect by FEBRUARY 10, 2020.

Libraries must open a help desk ticket or email before that date with their desired specifications. CCS will make the adjustments as requests are submitted. If your hold slips already meet those standards and you do not want adjustments, OR you do not have open holds shelves, you do not need to take action. 

On February 10th, CCS will adjust the hold slip settings for libraries we have not heard back from AND whose hold slip settings don't already meet the outlined standards. The default hold slip settings will display the first 3 characters of a patrons last name + first and middle initials and the unclaimed date. 

CCS will monitor a response from ILA in the event the hold pickup slip standards need to be adjusted further. 

Talking with Your Patrons

Library staff may need to re-train patrons and communicate on changes to self-service holds. An example talking point you can use is:

Libraries are invested in protecting the privacy of our patrons. We are adjusting our hold slip configuration to reduce the likelihood that the materials a patron requests are identifiable by other community members when placed in a self-service hold area.

December 2019