Creating Serial Item Templates

In order to circulate magazine issues, item records need to be created. When checking in a new issue, the Serial Holdings Record will match to the Serial Item Template based on Destination, Collection, and Material Type, and create item records so that the issue can circulate.

You will need to create a Serial Item Template for each collection where you keep magazines that you want to circulate. For example, Magazines, Youth Magazines, and Teen Magazines. If you keep some magazines in your reference collection you might have a template for your Nonfiction collection or other collections.

One Serial Item Template has been created for each library. From the main Polaris toolbar, select the Cataloging menu and select Templates, and then select Item.


Search by the word “Serial.” Select the one with your library’s three letter code or that is owned by your library.

serial item template search.png

You should adjust this template for your library. Things to consider:

  • Fill in a default price.

  • Fill in a Shelf location if you keep new issues in a different place.

  • Circulation Status can be Available if you shelve your magazines after checking them in in the Serials Module. Circulation Status could be In-Process if they need to go through the Circulation Department. The status will change to Available after Circulation checks them in.

  • All items need to have a Stat code. It is recommended to use Periodical for your magazine items.

  • Fill in a call number prefix here if you use one.

  • Adjust your request settings for your library.

  • Make sure the “Do not mail to patron” is checked.

Kathy Schmidt


Save your changes.


If you have other collections where serials are shelved, make a copy of this template and adjust the settings. To do so, select the paper icon in the left-hand corner.


Then select “Copy existing workform” and press OK.

serial item template copy.png

Adjust the settings as necessary. Name the template for the collection and/or anything else that may distinguish the template from the others. Serial templates need to start with the word Serial.


  • Serial Adult Magazines

  • Serial Youth Magazines

  • Serial Teen Magazines

  • Serial Reference Magazines