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How to Prepare: Long-absent Items

Libraries can access the Long-Absent Items dashboard in Bluecloud Analytics to help identify items that have been lost, missing, discarded, withdrawn, or overdue for 10 or more years. The handy dashboard layout also includes two sub reports that identify which items on the list have a bill that is not paid in full or an active hold linked to them. Since these items have been gone for more than 10 years, it is unlikely they will ever come back (or if they do, you may not want to keep them in the library's collection).

How should libraries use this report? First, look at each item on the list. You may want to do one last shelf-check to make sure the item is really, truly gone. Then, decide if you want to keep that item in the database or if you want to discard it. If you’d like to remove the record, check the item out to your Discard card in Workflows. If the item also shows up on the bills list or the holds list, then the item will stay in the system until the bill is paid or cancelled or the hold is cancelled.

To access this report, log into BCA. On your home page, select Shared Reports.

In Shared Reports, select the Library Dropbox folder.

Choose the Database cleanup—Catalog, Call number, Item folder.