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How to Prepare: Cleaning up Patron Records

There are almost 600,000 registered cardholders in the Symphony database across all CCS libraries. With so many patron records in the system, there are bound to be a few mistakes here or there! To help find these errors, we've created a report to identify library cards that may have incorrect information attached to them. This week's featured report lists your library's different combinations of patron profile, cat 2, and city. Browse the list to see if any of your library's combinations look incorrect.

To access this report, open Web Reports.

Scroll down to the Count of Patrons and Items section.

Select the Patrons By Profile by Cat 2 by City report.

Click the link to pull up a list of all of your library’s different combinations of Library Profile, Cat 2 and City. In the first column of the report, you can view the number of library cards with that particular combination.