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How to Prepare: Review Patron Profiles

Many libraries have asked CCS to help them identify their library's different in-house cards, particularly ones that may no longer be in use. This week in Web Reports, review your library's different patron profiles, along with the library cards that use each profile. The report highlighted below lists:

  • Every patron profile that exists in CCS

  • The number of library cards associated with each profile

  • Total checkouts by library cards associated with each profile in the last year

Libraries can use this report to help identify which in-house profiles and cards are no longer being used and can be deleted.

To access this report, log in to Web Reports. Under Count of Patrons and Items, select the Count ALL Patron Profiles w/ Circ Info report.

This report will bring up a list of all library patron profiles in CCS. Scroll down through the alphabetical list to view your library's profiles.

For each patron profile, the report lists:

  • Total checkouts by cards with this profile in the past year

  • The number of library cards in the sustem that use this profile

  • The number of cards at your library that use this profile

Click any of your library's patron profiles to view the library cards associated with that profile.

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