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How to Prepare: Cleanup old on-order records

This week, take a look at on-order records that have been lingering in the system for over a year. The “Old On-Order Records” report in Bluecloud Analytics provides a list of items created more than 12 months ago that are still marked as on-order. These items may have an "on order" Item Category 1 (255 or 666), an "on order" Home Location, or an "on order" Item Type.

There are a number of reasons why items may appear on this list. Read on for possible explanations, as well as some suggestions on what to do!

  • Some items on the list might be good to go! This includes pre-orders for materials with a future pubdate.

  • Other items need the item cat 1, home location, and/or item type (etc.) fixed. This would include items that have been processed & put out for patrons, but have item fields that weren't all updated correctly.

  • Some items may need to be deleted or checked out to Discard, such as cancelled orders that were never removed from the catalog, or orders that were received but added to a different record instead.

  • Some items may need libraries to check their acquisitions records to verify whether the order was cancelled or received, and then proceed accordingly.

  • Other items may already have a Discard status, but a bill or hold has prevented or is preventing them from being removed from the system. These may be fine as is, or perhaps the bill or hold needs to be cleared or unlinked from the item.

  • Some items may have been cancelled by the vendor due to being backordered for too long, and weren't removed from the system, but could now be re-ordered.

  • Some items may be placeholders for annual publications that have ceased and been withdrawn, leaving just the placeholder on the record.

To access this report, log into BCA. On your home page, select Shared Reports.

In Shared Reports, select the Library Dropbox folder.

Choose the Database cleanup—Catalog, Call number, Item folder to view the reports.

Select the Old on-order items report.

Next, select your library from the list. .

Click Run Report.

Browse the list of items and identify ones that may need to be updated or removed.

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