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June 9 - Stop on Symphony Changes

After Governing Board made the decision to pursue a contract with Innovative Interfaces, we instituted a pause on new Symphony development in February, and continued to make changes to circulation rules, codes, and more. As we move forward with implementation, we will need to stop changes on Symphony, as of end of business on Friday, June 9.

What changes must be stopped? The stop on changes includes:

  • Changes to circulation rules

  • Creation of new circulation rules

  • Large scale changes to locations

  • Creation of new locations

  • Creation of new item types, categories, etc.

  • Creation of new patron types, categories, etc.

  • New custom reports that are not migration-related

  • Implementation of new features or services

What changes can continue?

Libraries can continue to function normally. You may continue to add and edit records in all areas. CCS will continue to support Symphony. If you encounter any issues with existing features, please open a Wonderdesk ticket, and we will address it as soon as possible. Requests for exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may include:

  • Changes due to planned or unplanned library closings

  • Temporary changes (for example, as part of summer reading a batch change of materials to a Summer Reading location is requested)

  • Migration-related bulk cleanup projects

  • Record-level data cleanup

When in doubt, open a Wonderdesk ticket, and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Why is this necessary?

As of Monday, June 12, the CCS implementation team will be working with the Polaris implementation team to configure Polaris and map our Symphony data to new Polaris fields.

Any changes to configuration made after that time would need to be made both in Symphony as well as Polaris. Not only does this double the CCS workload, it also introduces opportunities for frustrating errors when we begin using the new system.

For example, if a library requests a new location after we have completed data mapping, we not only have to make changes in Symphony and Polaris, but the Polaris data migration specialist would need to update their scripts for loading data. We would not have an opportunity to retest the scripts with those changes.

Additionally, CCS staff will be focused on setting up and testing Polaris. We will have less time to dedicate to these kinds of service requests. Unless a change is absolutely essential, please save your request for after we are live on Polaris.

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