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How to Prepare: Old Magazine Issues

This week’s How to Prepare should be a fast one for the shorter week coming up! The Old Magazine Issues report lists items with an Item Category 3 of MAGAZINE that were created more than 5 years ago. Since most libraries tend to only retain a couple years’ worth of a periodical title, this is an opportunity to identify issues no longer in your holdings to flag for discard. Of course, there will be legitimate exceptions that may show up on the report, such as special issues the library has retained for a local history collection, genealogy collection, etc. or periodical title placeholders. If this is the case, you may ignore these entries!

To run the Old Magazine Issues report, log in to BlueCloud Analytics. On your homepage, select Shared Reports.

In Shared Reports, select the Library Dropbox folder.

Choose the Database Cleanup - Catalog, Call Number, Item folder.

Select the Old Magazine Issues report.