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How to Prepare: Staff Usernames

This week's How To Prepare focuses on creating Polaris usernames for library staff. These staff usernames will be used to log in to both the test environment and live environment once the Polaris migration is complete. Polaris has two different staff clients: the remote desktop staff client and Leap, a web based staff client. Leap provides a streamlined, easy-to-navigate interface, and both Polaris and CCS will be training public services staff to perform most of their daily functions in the Leap client. (Curious about Leap? Watch a Leap demo!) Staff can access Leap from almost any web browser on a range of devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices such as tablets. Because Leap can be accessed outside of the building on any device with an internet connection, CCS has spent a lot of time discussing how we can best maintain security of the database while still allowing staff to use Leap during outreach activities outside of the brick-and-mortar library building. Rebecca and Marcin recently attended WILIUG, the Wisconsin/Illinois Innovative User Group Conference. At the conference, they were able to talk to multiple Polaris customers, including staff from the Bridges Library System in southeastern Wisconsin and the Pinnacle Library Cooperative in Illinois. Staff representing these libraries strongly recommended creating individual logins for each staff member. While this change may initially require more work and training, the added security of the database is well worth the effort. After consulting with Polaris, the IT advisory group and the IT technical group, CCS will move forward with assigning an individual username to each staff member. CCS staff has not had system administration training yet, but we want to begin collecting staff usernames from libraries so each staff member has a login for testing. It is completely up to the individual libraries how they will format the usernames: you can create a new naming convention or you can use existing usernames, such as Windows logins. The only requirement is that each username begin with the library’s three letter code for easy identification for system administration and reporting; CCS will add codes if it’s easier for the library to submit without. Please download this spreadsheet to input staff information, which includes the username and department. If you have an existing directory with login usernames you would like to use, you may submit that instead. Upload the completed document to the CCS dropbox by Friday, July 7th. Submit a help ticket for any additions or changes to staff usernames after July 7th. If you have any questions, submit a help ticket or contact Marcin at 847-483-8637.

Access the spreadsheet and upload the completed file here.

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