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CCS Systems Down: Offline Mode

CCS is currently without internet access from the colocation site. The following services are currently down or inaccessible:

  • Symphony Workflows

  • SVA

  • Directors Station

  • CCS Email

  • CCS Listserv, including System Status

  • ccslib.org

  • Wonderdesk

Enterprise is working, with reduced functionality. Searches will return results, but patrons will not be able to log in or place holds, and item availability will not update. CCS phone and learning.ccslib.org are functioning. Please call 847-483-8600 and press 0 to speak with a staff member. We will send an update with additional information as soon as possible with an anticipated resolution time.

Offline Mode Directions

*Update* Some libraries are reporting that offline mode will not allow them to make a selection from the User Access or Library drop-down menus. If your library is experiencing this error, you will need to record transactions manually, for example, by scanning barcodes into an Excel spreadsheet.

1. Close out Workflows on ALL PCs.

2. Open Symphony - the configuration screen should appear - click the box at ‘Operate in Offline Mode’

3. Change to the Offline Toolbar (towards the top)

4. In Common Tasks, open the wizard ‘Offline Session.’ Choose your user access and library and set a default due date if desired. Click OK at the bottom.

Checking Out Materials

  1. In Common Tasks, open the wizard ‘CheckOut’. Enter patron’s barcode.

  2. Enter the Item ID for all items with the due date that is currently listed

  3. If there are more items with another due date, change the due date by keying in the next due date or using the calendar widget

  4. Enter the Item ID for the rest of the items

  5. Click ‘Check Out To New User’ or ‘Close’ and print receipt - closing and reopening the wizard will return to the default due date

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