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How to Prepare: Welcome to Freshdesk!

Beginning today, July 28, library staff are able to submit help tickets using our new help desk system, Freshdesk. Freshdesk was chosen for its intuitive portal interface, features that will enhance CCS staff effectiveness, and, most importantly, a streamlined user experience.

For this week's How to Prepare, please watch the Freshdesk Introductory video and review the user instructions, available on the migration portal. A short survey about library help desk accounts will be administered to the libadmin listserv. Each library needs to submit the survey by August 6th. This survey will help CCS complete Freshdesk configuration. Please update browser bookmarks for the help desk to help.ccslib.org.


The transition from WonderDesk to Freshdesk will happen in stages:

  • July 28: staff can begin creating accounts on Freshdesk and submitting tickets via email to help@ccslib.org or through the Freshdesk portal at help.ccslib.org. Emails to needs@ccslib.org will also start feeding into Freshdesk. WonderDesk will still be accepting new tickets through August 6th.

  • August 7: WonderDesk will no longer accept new tickets but will remain active for staff to resolve open tickets.

  • WonderDesk will remain active until open tickets are resolved. WonderDesk legacy data will continue to be accessible if needed.


CCS has identified library institutional and departmental WonderDesk accounts. Before importing them into Freshdesk, we would like to give libraries the opportunity to review contact information and make necessary updates. The accounts are listed in this week's survey. Once the survey is submitted, CCS will input the account information and an activation link will be sent to the email address on file.

Staff with individual accounts will need to register with Freskdesk. Instructions are available for registering through the portal or, as stated above, by submitting a help desk ticket to help@ccslib.org, at which point the email address is automatically registered with Freshdesk.

Note: When logged in to Freshdesk, the email address field will automatically populate on the ticket with the email assigned to the account. If the email address is edited, the ticket will be submitted but tied to the replacement email. Freshdesk might log the user out of the original account. The ticket submitter can communicate with CCS via the ticket email thread or create their own account on the portal to view the ticket. The ticket record will be stored in the individual's account and not the institutional account.​

The purpose of institutional accounts: There is a setting in Freshdesk to allow certain accounts to view all tickets within their group. CCS has set up a dedicated group for each library based on email domains. Any accounts using an email address with your domain will automatically be sorted into your library's group. Libraries can specify in the survey if they wish to activate this feature for their institutional accounts.

Opening a Help Ticket

Staff can use the portal to submit new tickets, view and update existing tickets, and access their ticket history. Additionally, staff are now able to trigger a new help desk ticket by sending an email to help@ccslib.org. Any email attachments will automatically be added to the ticket. Staff will receive a reply to their ticket via email, and can continue to communicate with CCS through email just by replying. All communication through help@ccslib.org will also be translated into a ticket thread on the portal. (Please review the Help Desk page on the Migration Portal for more detailed information about opening a help ticket.)

If staff do not yet have a Freshdesk profile, one will automatically be created for them when they submit their first email to help@ccslib.org. They will be prompted to create a password the next time they log in to the portal.

Additional Features

There are a number of additional features on Freshdesk we are excited about, including:

  • performing a keyword search of your tickets

  • closing your own ticket at any point

  • reopening a resolved or closed ticket by responding to the thread via email or in the portal

  • copying another staff member into the ticket thread at any point

  • the opportunity to take a satisfaction survey when a ticket is closed

Please review the Freshdesk User Instructions, which include sections on creating an account via email, creating an account via the portal, using the portal, resolved tickets, and instructions on how to capture a screenshot. Any questions? Email help@ccslib.org!

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