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Migration Update: September 15, 2017

CCS Staff Participate In Training

As shared to System Status last week, CCS staff have spent most of the week of September 11 in training sessions with Polaris. On Monday, September 18, CCS staff will have a full day training session focusing on System Administration. As a result, response times for tickets may be longer. Please call 847-483-8600 and press 0 to speak to with a staff member for any urgent issues.

Thank you to all of the library staff who braved our first sessions (Advanced Circulation participants pictured below). We appreciate the thoughtful questions you brought, and hope you learned as much as we did!

Training Database Installation and Usernames Coming on Tuesday

On Tuesday, September 19, CCS will be sending client installation instructions and user login details to all libraries. At that point, we will have completed System Administration training and be available to assist with installation and login questions as needed. Installation The Leap WebApp does not require any installation, and staff can begin logging in as soon as they receive their password and URL.

Each library should determine the best process for installing the staff client at their library. The CCS recommendation is to limit client install to a few workstations to test configuration before deploying widely throughout the library. Passwords IT contacts will receive a link to a secure Dropbox document. That document will contain the individual user names and passwords for the library. This list should NOT be shared on the staff intranet, posted in a workroom, or otherwise shared as a whole. Passwords should be distributed to each staff member individually. Individuals are responsible for securely storing their password. And More We will send a Tuesday newsletter with more details including how to log in, what to expect in the data, how to compare records to Symphony, and how to report issues. In the meantime, consider reviewing the Symphony to Polaris glossary and reading about the mapping process.

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