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How to Prepare: Log in to Leap

Usernames and Passwords

A list of logins for each library will be shared today with the library's IT contact. As previously discussed, all library staff who have access to patron data will login to Polaris with an individual login. Library staff will be responsible for securely storing their own login, and are not permitted to share their logins and passwords with others.

At the October IT group meeting, we will review how to request new logins, deactivate logins for separated staff, and other local administration duties. For now, IT staff should distribute individual logins to each staff member in accordance with their internal security procedures. The list of logins should not be stored on a shared drive or otherwise posted in an accessible manner.

Please allow IT and other relevant staff adequate time to distribute and assist with testing staff login information over the next two weeks. Libraries are required to test all logins by October 2nd. IT staff should complete the Username testing survey indicating how logins were distributed and tested, specifically:

  • Were logins tested by IT staff, or were they distributed by IT and tested by individual staff members?

  • Will IT staff gather errors and report them to CCS staff via survey prior to October 2, or will individual users report errors via help ticket prior to October 2?

Preview the survey.

Accessing Leap

Public services staff--including circulation and adult, teen, and youth services--will use the Leap Web App to access Polaris. Leap does not require any installation, and is accessed through a web browser. Innovative recommends Chrome, and Internet Explorer is also supported.

1. Open Leap. Log in using the domain of "CCS" and your individual username and password (Example: ccs\zikmlanders).

2. Select your branch and the appropriate workstation from the drop down lists.

Once you are logged in, you'll receive notice that you are currently in the training server. Select continue to proceed.

You're now ready to explore Leap! Looking for an introduction? Watch the RFP Leap demo for an overview, and stay tuned for additional training materials in the coming weeks.

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