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How to Prepare: Getting Started with Leap

Our Polaris test database is here and we are now entering the next phase of the migration: data testing and training! Data testing will be essential to making sure our new database is configured properly and that Symphony data accurately mapped over to Polaris. Staff interaction with the test database is crucial for proper data testing. Tuesday afternoon, IT staff received access to Polaris usernames and passwords and will be distributing them to staff, along with the Symphony test server login, over the next couple weeks. As our introductory exercise to data testing, we are asking staff to practice logging into Leap and viewing a patron record.

The Data

The data in the Polaris test database was extracted from Symphony on July 27th. This means that while the structure of the Polaris database is in place, other information such as circulation statuses, holds queues, and patron checkouts will be outdated. If you had items checked out on your card on the July 27th extraction, they will still show as checked out and will likely be accruing fines. Any bibliographic and item records added after July 27th also will not be in the test database.

In order to accurately compare data, CCS copied the Symphony production database to the Symphony test server the same week of the data extraction. As you begin to work through data testing, you should refer to Symphony test to compare records. Instructions for accessing the Symphony test server are available here.

Resources are available on the Migration Portal to aid in familiarizing yourself with Polaris, including:

(As we get deeper into data testing, CCS will provide libraries with more information about their individual configurations.)

The Exercise

  1. Watch our first Two-Minute Tutorial, Getting Started with Leap, and read the accompanying handout.

  2. Log in to Leap using your individual username and password.

  3. Look up your own library record to familiarize yourself with how patron information is arranged in Leap.

  4. Look up an additional 5 patron records in both Leap and the Symphony Test Server to compare data.

Data errors are an expected element of a migration. Data errors that have already been identified and flagged for resolution are listed on the Migration Portal. However, if you encounter a data error that is not listed, please notify CCS staff by emailing help@ccslib.org or submitting a help ticket through FreshDesk.

While there is no hard deadline for completing, we would like to know how many library staff have completed this exercise; once you finish, select the "Yes! I'm awesome!" button below and hit submit.

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