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How to Prepare: Searching for an Item in Leap

Last week, staff practiced logging in to Leap and looking at a patron record as an introduction to Leap. This week, we're going to explore the basics of searching for an item in Leap using the main search bar and the Find Tool. Staff will also learn where to locate two different settings in the Find Tool: the default record lookup and the column display settings. This video and exercise is very brief and covers only the mechanics of looking an item up; we will explore search options and search filters more in-depth in a future training.

A Note on Data

The data in the Polaris test database was extracted from Symphony on July 27th. This means that any materials added to Symphony since the end of July will not appear in the test database. When practicing searching, it will be best to search for items that are at least three months old.

The Exercise

  1. Watch the Two-Minute Tutorial, Searching for an Item in Leap, and read the accompanying handout.

  2. Look up an additional 5 titles of your choice in Leap. Practice using both the main search bar and the Find Tool.

While there is no hard deadline for completing, we would like to know how many library staff have completed this exercise; once you finish, select the "Yes! I'm awesome!" button below and then hit submit. If you have any questions, please email help@ccslib.org or submit a ticket through FreshDesk.