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How to Prepare: Item Data Testing

Are you ready to start data testing?!

Last week, each library's data testing coordinator and library lead received an email with instructions on how to report data testing progress to CCS, along with our first official data testing assignment on patron records! This week, we shared another document that will help libraries begin reviewing item records. Copies of both documents are attached below. If you're curious about what fields to pay close attention to at as you review records in Polaris, please take a look! These worksheets will not be turned in to CCS but may be used internally at each library. Talk to your library lead for more information on how data testing will work at your library. For a more in-depth look at data testing, please review our introduction to data testing.

Patron Data Testing Worksheet

Item Data Testing Worksheet

Data Testing Resources

CCS staff have created a number of resources to help prepare libraries for data testing. Our two-minute tutorials provide a great introduction to navigating and exploring Leap. These videos cover the basics of viewing a patron record, searching for an item, and reviewing an item record. Leap Topics, found under the "Help" drop-down menu in Leap, provides in-depth instruction on how to use Leap.

Library staff may also want to review the data mapping process. Understanding how data was migrated from Symphony to Polaris will go a long way towards helping to identify and correct errors. We also suggest that your familiarize yourself with your library's unique code sheet. This will help you understand what values you should expect to see when reviewing records in Polaris.

If you have any questions, please email help@ccslib.org.

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