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Circulation Advisory Group Meeting Summary

The circulation advisory group met on October 27th. In addition to discussing the procedure for selecting an ecommerce vendor and outlining questions to ask of potential vendors, the group developed the following recommendations:

How will we handle user records without birth dates?

Governing Board decided to require birth dates in user records as of go live. Libraries are strongly encouraged to begin collecting birth dates as soon as possible to minimize impact at go live. Additionally, the circulation advisory group has developed the following recommendations:

  1. The “required field” flag in Polaris will not be activated for 6 months after go live. If the required field flag is turned out (the red asterisk), user records cannot be saved without a birthdate. We recognize that staff may need to edit a user record in instances when the patron is not present. Rather than input a placeholder birthdate, this field can be left blank until the patron can provide the birthdate. CCS will monitor progress towards 100% compliance.

  2. In the event that a patron birthdate cannot be acquired, 1/1/1900 should be input. Libraries should be evaluating their internal workflows and registration procedures to comply with this decision from Governing Board. In the event that a patron will not or cannot supply a birthdate, 1/1/1900 should be used as a placeholder.

Which Duplicate Check features will be enabled?

At patron registration, Polaris will automatically perform a duplicate check based on Patron Name and Barcode. CCS will configure the system to also check for email and driver’s license number (where applicable).

What will patron passwords for new records be set as?

The password field will not be required to complete a patron record. However, library staff may enter a default password, such as the last four digits of a patron’s phone number. If a record is created without a password, one of the following will happen:

  1. The patron can immediately use their barcode to log into PowerPAC where they will be prompted to create a password.

  2. If the patron does not create a password the day their record is created, Polaris will populate the password field with the last four digits of the patron’s phone number overnight. The patron can log into PowerPAC at any time with that password and change their password.

The Forgot Password option in PowerPAC will generate an email to the patron containing their password in plain text. Due to the security issues this raises, we will not enable this feature at this time.

As a reminder, passwords for migrated patrons will be their Symphony/Enterprise password in all caps. Patrons can change their password by logging in to PowerPAC.


Symphony password: Ilovemylibrary Polaris Password: ILOVEMYLIBRARY

Filtering the Hold Queue

Leap 5.6 includes the option to filter the hold queue using a search box (see below). At this time, the filter acts across all columns. Additional development slated for completion prior to go live will allow staff to filter on specific columns (patron branch versus pickup branch, for example).

holds queue image

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