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November 15 Webinar

In this online meeting, we will review project progress and plans focusing on the following areas:

  • Data Testing

  • Training

  • Additional Configuration

The quarterly webinars are an opportunity for us to outline work we've already completed and what's coming up at a high level, and dive into details on some of the crucial elements.

Webinar Questions & Answers

Q: Will there be Two Minute Tutorials on the staff client?

A: Yes! We are continuing to develop tutorials, and happy to take requests. Please email help@ccslib.org with any specific requests.

Q: Will there be automated performance testing for the database?

A: As a hosted customer, we have contractual provisions to ensure we will have adequate resources. We are researching this question to provide a more specific answer.

Q: Is there a deadline to complete data testing?

A: CCS must sign off on all data issues with Innovative by March 30 to prepare for go live. The sooner issues are reported to CCS, the more time we and Innovative will have to troubleshoot and resolve those problem. We ask that libraries begin data testing now if they have not already, and continue until they are satisfied that their data is accurate in the new system.

Q: How often is the Item Cat 3/Item Type mismatch tool updated?

A: The tool is updated daily.

Q: Will corrections be made to the test server or will the errors be with us until April?

A: Yes. With very few exceptions that will be noted, errors are corrected in the test database. As that happens, help tickets are updated so library staff can confirm the issue was correctly resolved.

Q: I know there are records we see in Symphony which we shouldn't see on Polaris test server. How do I know which records those are?

A: Data was extracted from Symphony at the end of July. Any records added to Symphony after the extraction are not reflected in the Polaris database. Similarly, changes to records or record deletions in Symphony are not reflected in Polaris. When data testing, use Symphony Test for comparison, as the data in Symphony Test is from the same period as the data in Polaris Test.

Q: Will CCS provide any patron communication documentation to help with patron communication or is it only the library's responsibility to create that information for patrons?

A: Yes. CCS will be providing talking points and customizable tools for libraries to use when communicating with patrons. We anticipate those tools being available in January.

Q: Will all third party vendors be contacted by CCS and work with Polaris?

A: See our information on integrations for additional details. Wherever possible, CCS will work with vendors on Polaris integration.

Q: How will PowerPAC configuration be handled?

A: The PAS advisory group will be reviewing customization options to make recommendations on which features should be uniform across all libraries and which should be customized. CCS will produce documentation on how to make or request changes after those decisions are made.

Q: In Interlibrary loan, can OCLC numbers be used as temporary numbers?

A: We are researching this question.

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