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PAS Advisory Group Meeting Summary

The PAS Advisory Group met on Thursday, November 16 to discuss elements of PowerPAC that will remain consistent for patrons, regardless of which library's catalog they are searching. Read on for a summary of their recommendations.

Brief Display

The brief display information appears along with the book cover in a list of search results. There are over 50 elements available for display in this view. The recommended list of elements to include in the brief display are:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Edition

  • Series

  • Summary

  • Local availability

  • System availability

  • Local call number

  • Former title (serials)

Summary Display

The summary display shows when a user hovers over the book cover in the list of search results. The advisory group recommends that the summary display include valuable information not present in the brief display, including:

  • Snippet (which shows the piece of the record the search is pulling from)

  • Description

  • Publisher

  • Target Audience Note

Full Display

The full display is meant to include a wider breadth of information than the summary and brief displays. The advisory group recommends including:

  • Type of material/format

  • Author

  • Title

  • Publisher, date

  • Description

  • Summary

  • Target Audience

  • Series

  • Volume and Frequency

  • Subjects

  • Genre

  • Other Author

  • Former Title

  • Notes

  • Contents


We will customize which bib fields the above information is pulled from, limiting and modifying the delivered fields when needed (such as Notes).

Limit By filter

CCS will work to develop a custom filter for each branch to allow patrons to limit their search to only items owned by that branch.


Facets were reconfigured to appear in the following order, with facets most useful to patrons and staff appearing at the top of the list:

  • Availability (Expanded)

  • Type of material (Expanded)

  • Target Audience (Expanded)

  • Literary Form (Expanded)

  • Subject (Expanded)

  • Language (Collapsed)

  • Authors (Collapsed)

  • Series (Collapsed)

  • Publication Date (Collapsed)

  • Assigned branch (Collapsed)


The advisory group also recommended changing the language on the availability, full display and request buttons to be more patron-friendly.

The PAS advisory group will continue to consult with CCS staff on system-wide PowerPAC configuration as we learn more about our customization options.

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