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Go Live Time Trial & Polaris Test Downtime

CCS has been working with Polaris to finalize the schedule for go live. In April, we will need to stop new changes and transactions in Symphony and load a fresh data set in Polaris. This requires downtime for all ILS functions. In order to develop a more accurate estimate for how long the go live process will take, and how long libraries will be down, CCS and Polaris will be running a time trial. On Friday, December 1, Polaris staff will make a copy of our Polaris test database to load on to what will become our production environment. All existing patron, item and bibliographic data will be wiped clean. Then, starting December 4, Polaris will load our original data extract onto our production database, timing each step. We will then be able to use those timings to more accurately plan our go live downtime. An additional benefit of this process is that we will have the opportunity to test the load process for some data fixes. In order to make those visible to library staff, we will copy the freshly loaded production database back to our test database on December 11. We will be down for part of the day on Monday, December 11 to allow that copy. Once the copy is complete, library staff will be able to see properly displayed diacritics. An important note about this process: Because we will be reloading the data extracted in July, the following data will be lost:

  • Any records created in Polaris during testing or training

  • Changes to records made manually in Polaris

  • The content of any record sets created in Polaris. Record set names will persist, but the record sets will be empty

Templates, import profiles, usernames/passwords, and sys admin settings will remain. Corrections made to mapping and additional configuration changes made since September will also persist. This mirrors what we can expect to happen in April.

Important Dates Friday, December 1 - Monday, December 11: No updates by Polaris or CCS staff to Polaris test. Staff can continue to work in Polaris test and report issues to CCS. Staff may continue to modify or create records in Polaris test, but those changes will not remain after December 11. Monday, December 11: Polaris test is down Tuesday, December 12: Polaris test is back up, with properly displayed diacritics

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