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Fixed Field Decisions

Patrons searching in PowerPAC can narrow their search using a number of predefined facets. On Monday, Database Management met to discuss and establish guidelines for two PowerPAC facets: Target Audience and Literary Form.

Target Audience

The audience fixed field in a bibliographic record populates the Target Audience facet in PowerPAC.

The bulk of CCS records in Symphony do not have this field completed. As a result, many records are appearing in the PowerPAC facet with a target audience of "Unknown or not specified."

The Database Management Committee reviewed recommendations from both the PAS and Technical Services Advisory groups. The group decided that moving forward, CCS will require the Audience fixed field on all bibliographic records. We will use the following Audience values:

d: Adolescent.The item is intended for young people, approximate ages 14–17 years.

e: Adult. The item is intended for adults.

g: General. The item is of general interest and not aimed at an audience of a particular intellectual level.

j: Juvenile. The item is intended for children and young people, approximate ages 0–15 years.

CCS will not use the other available audience values. Catalogers will supply the audience at the time a bibliographic record is imported into the system. Once we are live on Polaris, CCS will run SQL queries to find records with no audience field on a regular basis. These records will then be bulk changed by CCS. CCS will work centrally to do retro work prior to go-live in April. Libraries are not responsible for retroactively completing this field.

SCRAP will meet in February to create guidelines for use of this field. Those guidelines will be shared at a later date. Libraries may choose to begin completing the audience field for full bibliographic records. A firm start date will be issued when the guidelines are complete.

Literary Form

The Literary Form facet in PowerPAC is populated by the Literary Form fixed field. Please note that this facet applies only to print materials.

Database Management Committee reviewed recommendations from both the PAS and Technical Services Advisory groups. Moving forward, libraries will assign at minimum a literary form of either 0 (Not fiction) or 1 (Fiction). Libraries can use more specific values (novels, poetry, etc.) if desired.

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