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How to Prepare: Staff Permissions

Polaris permissions control who can access, create, modify, or delete specific record types and who can perform specific tasks in Polaris. CCS has created permission groups that align with library tasks and job functions. These permission groups are described below.

CCS will email each library lead a spreadsheet that includes a list of all Polaris users for their library. Library leads will fill out the spreadsheet, assigning staff usernames to the appropriate permission groups. Staff can be assigned to multiple permission groups. Basic permission groups must be assigned before additional groups can be added. For example, to give a staff member full cataloging functions, assign General Staff, Cat 1, Cat 2, and Cat 3.

Library leads will submit the completed spreadsheet to help@ccslib.org by February 2. CCS staff will configure all permission groups in Polaris test by February 23.

Libraries will be responsible for testing staff permission levels in March to make sure staff have the appropriate permissions to perform their required job functions.

Basic Permissions Groups

View Only: View only access to bibliographic records, item records, and the pick list. No access to patron records. Does not have the ability to modify circulation status from the pick list. This permission group may be used for shared logins.

General Staff: Basic permissions for staff in all departments. Includes ability to create and modify patron records, check in, check out, place holds, modify circulation status on an item, create on-the-fly records, modify due dates, create/modify patron record sets, create bibliographic and item record sets. These permission apply to both Leap and the staff client.

Public Services Permission Groups

Picklist: This group allows staff to access, modify an item’s circulation status from the pick list, and deny requests. These permissions apply to both Leap and the staff client.

ILL and Books by Mail: Permissions to convert and modify ILL requests and manage Books By Mail. These permissions and functionality apply to both Leap and the staff client.

Outreach: Permissions to manage Outreach Services patrons and materials; allows staff to create and modify outreach patron profiles and process requests for outreach patrons. These permissions and functionality apply only to the staff client.

Fines Overrides: Permissions to override 2nd level fines and issue refunds. These permissions apply to both Leap and the staff client.

Blocks and Claims Overrides: Permissions to override both patron and item non-circulating blocks along with claims returns related blocks. Current non-circulating blocks include: Collection Agency block, Address check required block, Duplicate account block, Invalid address block, registration has expired block. These permissions apply to both Leap and the staff clien