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How to Prepare: Patron Lists and Reading History

Neither patron lists from Enterprise nor patron reading history (also called checkout history) will migrate to Polaris. However, patrons can preserve their lists and reading history. Please share these options with your patrons in advance of the migration. Once we enter offline mode on April 13th at 9:00 PM, patrons will not have access to My Account features. (Note: if patrons have "Record my checkout history" selected in Symphony, the setting will migrate to Polaris and the patron's"Maintain reading history" setting will be active.)

image of my account lists

Enterprise Lists

Patrons may choose to email or print their Enterprise Lists prior to April 13th. Once we enter into offline mode, there will be no access to My Account features.

To email or print a list, log into My Account and view lists. Select a list, then use the checkbox next to the Select an Action dropdown to select all items in the list. Alternatively, you may select a subset of items using the individual checkboxes with each item. Then, in Select an Action, choose Email. You will be prompted for an email address and subject heading.

You can use the same process to print a list of items.

Reading History

Patrons who have opted in to reading history in Enterprise will have their preference migrated to Polaris. They will not need to opt in again, but their history will not migrate.

CCS has developed a tool for patrons to save their reading history. Patrons can visit this link, enter their library card number, password, and email address. Their reading history will be delivered as an Excel file to their email address.

Your library may choose to embed the form on your website or Enterprise home page.

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