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How To Prepare: Adjust Your Due Dates

One of the challenges of going live on a new system is that we cannot check in materials during offline mode. To help mitigate the backlog, CCS recommends that your library does not have material due on or around go live. While CCS has given suggested scenarios for closed dates below, libraries may request a custom range of dates.

CCS can set your library as “closed” in Symphony for a specified period. During that time, material will not be due, and available holds with not expire. For libraries that manually manage the hold shelf, this is immaterial. When performing a checkout, if the date due determined by the circulation rule falls on a “closed” date Symphony, the system will assign the next available open date as the due date.

There are two approaches a library may take when determining when material should not be due. Some libraries may want to keep this time period limited. In this case, we would recommend Option A, which “closes” the library only for offline weekend.

Other libraries may want to encourage patrons to keep material longer, and may extend due dates the week before and after go live, as in Option B. In this case, the library may see a large number of materials coming due on April 22.

Option A: no due dates Saturday, April 14 - Tuesday, April 17 Option B: no due dates Sunday, April 8 - Saturday, April 21

Again, these are suggested scenarios. Your library may request custom dates.

Libraries who have worked with CCS to close for an extended period, such as for a renovation, may remember that we were able to stagger due dates to avoid an influx of items being due when the library reopened. In this case, we will not be able to offer that additional, customized service. The system will automatically assign the next available due date.

Please open a Fresh Desk ticket or email help@ccslib.org to request your dates.