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How to Prepare: Configure Print Settings

REVISED 2/13/18 - printer settings follow the workstation, not the user.

In Leap, printer options are set by the Polaris Workstation the user is logged into. These options can be viewed or changed in the Settings menu.

To access and configure printer settings:

  1. In the upper right corner, click on your username

  2. Select “Settings”

  3. The “Print Options” tab lists several workforms and the type of receipts/slips available to print in each. For each workform, select the type of receipts and slips that you’d like to print.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Printer settings will not transfer from the training database to the production database. Staff should make note of their preferred printer settings while on the training database in order to properly configure their settings on the production database. If the workstation is shared by multiple staff, only one staff member will need to configure printer settings post-go live. Staff may use this Leap Printer Settings Checklist to record their preferred configuration.

Sample settings:

  • Check In

  • Fine Receipt

  • Hold Slip / Hold Pickup Slip

  • Check out

  • Check out receipt

  • Optional: only if no eReceipt

  • Patron status

  • Check out receipt

  • Optional: only if no eReceipt

  • Fine receipt

  • Hold requests

  • Hold slip / Hold pickup slip

  • Item record

  • Fine receipt

  • Hold slip / Hold Pickup Slip


  • If the patron would like to receive eReceipts, it’s possible to prevent a paper receipt from printing. Under “Check out receipt,” select the option for “only if no eReceipt.” If this option is not checked, the patron will receive both a paper receipt and an eReceipt.

  • If staff do not normally print checkout receipts, leave the option to print checkout receipts unchecked. Instead, receipts can be printed as needed by selecting the option to print BEFORE pressing the “Complete” button.

Hold Slips vs. Hold Pickup Slips

Libraries have the option of printing “Hold Slips” or “Hold Pickup Slips” for their patron’s holds.

  • Hold Slips display more information about the patron and item and are meant to be placed inside the item.

  • Hold Pickup Slips display a portion of the patron’s name and can be wrapped around the outside edge of an item –ideal for self-service holds.

Some of the information that is printed on the slips can be customized. Libraries reviewed and submitted customization options during profiling. Here are some samples of how the different types of hold slips print:

Hold Slip

Hold Pickup Slip – Vertical

Hold Pickup Slip – Horizontal

Hold Pickup Slip – Tag

To Do: Establish printer settings. Depending on your library and staff workflow, settings may need to be customized by workstation or the same settings may be appropriate for all workstations. Record the printer settings. Staff may use the Leap Printer Settings Checklist and refer to it when entering their printer settings on production. Staff should review their printer settings in the test database by April 5, 2018.

Please email help@ccslib.org with any questions!

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