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Upgrade to 6.0

CCS will be upgrading to 6.0 tonight, March 16. While we still don't have a start or end time from Innovative, they will be performing the upgrade as soon as possible, after 5:00 PM. Under normal, non-migration circumstances, CCS will always schedule an upgrade to the test server in advance of a planned upgrade to the production server.

New Features

The following features are excerpted from the What’s New in 6.0 document, which includes more details, screenshots, and additional features. Please keep in mind that features will need to be configured, and you may not see each of the following immediately upon the upgrade. CCS will notify libraries of configuration changes through the Migration Update.

Lexile Facet PowerPAC users can now filter their search results by Lexile reading level range.

Bibliographic Deduplication A duplicate detection rule was added that matches the 001 (Control number) field of an incoming bibliographic record to the 001 field of the existing record in the Polaris database.

Leap Holds Queue Filter You can now filter the Leap Holds Queue by selecting one of the following options from the Filter by Column drop-down list:

  • Patron Name

  • Patron Branch

  • Status

  • Pickup Branch

  • Volume

  • Issue

  • Request Date

  • Expiration Date

Lower Encoding Level for OverDrive EContent Bibs Created During the Automatic Import Process

When you import integrated eContent bibliographic records from OverDrive, the encoding level is set to 5 - Partial (MARC LDR 17) so that these records can be overlaid automatically with more complete records that have a higher encoding level. The encoding level change applies only to newly imported records; existing records are not changed.

Hold Request Manager Added to Leap The Hold Request Manager workform was added to Leap. You can use the Hold Request Manager to manage regular hold requests and interlibrary loan requests.

Leap - Recall Recent Records During a Leap session, you can now recall recently opened records after you have closed them by clicking the new Recent tab on the Workform Tracker.

Leap - Circulation Status on Item Record Banner The Polaris Circulation Statuses database table now contains a new Banner Text column that defines the circulation status displayed on the Leap Item Record workform. The maximum width for the banner text is 13 characters. The banner text is applied at the System level to all item records.

Things to Test After any upgrade, it is important to test existing functionality to make sure no unintended changes were made, in addition to exploring new features. Innovative does extensive testing before releasing an upgrade, and CCS does additional in-house testing as well. Each department in your library should run through your existing workflows such as:

  • Register a patron

  • Check out an item

  • Place a hold for a patron

  • Place a hold on an item that does not allow holds

  • Place a hold for a patron who should be blocked

  • Check out an item to a patron who should be blocked

  • Check in an item with a hold

  • Check in an overdue item

  • Import a bibliographic record

  • Add an item to an existing record

  • Receive an open order

  • Print a label

Functionality issues should be reported to CCS regardless of the data testing deadline.

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