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Limits on Emailing Enterprise Lists

Library staff have reporting issues emailing large Enterprise My Lists. CCS has been in touch with SirsiDynix support, and have learned that each web browser has a limit on how many titles can exist in an emailed list. The limits appear to be around 154 titles in Firefox was 154 or 140 in Chrome. If you include eRC items in the list, it would be even fewer because those IDs are longer. The limit is based on the browser, and not something that CCS or SirsiDynix can modify.

When you send an email of your lists through Enterprise, Enterprise generates a list of all the document IDs for titles on the list. Web browsers have a limit on how long the string containing that list can be. It isn't limited to a specific number of titles, since different titles can have shorter or longer document IDs. An example Document ID for eRC (downloadable econtennt) records is OVERDRIVE:e59001a3-cd1b-494c-8a41-417a0206201a and one for a print book is SD_ILS:2631737

Users with long Enterprise lists will need to create new lists, and move items from one large list into multiple smaller lists. CCS has no ability to access and modify these lists.

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