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Understanding Collections

What is Collections?

Some libraries send patrons to a collection agency when they owe over a certain amount on their account. The collection agency assists these libraries in collecting materials, fines, and fees. Patrons who are sent to collections have a block placed on their library account, and must remit payment before the block is removed. Most CCS libraries who send patrons to collections use Unique Management. CCS and Polaris staff will be working closely with Unique Management to migrate collection services from Symphony to Polaris.

Go Live Schedule for Collections

April 2: The last collection submissions and update files from Symphony will be sent to Unique Management.

April 16: Unique will send a file to Polaris that includes all users currently in Collections. Polaris will apply a collections block to the patrons who are in the file. Polaris will send a file back to UMS. Polaris and Unique will review these files to ensure that the information appears correct. Polaris will then add a collections block to those user accounts in Polaris.

*Note: As part of the migration process, all users who have a "N" in the UNIQUEMGMT field in the patron extended info will have the "Exclude from Collection Agency" box checked in Polaris.

April 30: CCS staff will send a report to each library that uses collections. This report will be a sample collections submission. Staff will review the file to make sure that the criteria in place in Polaris are correct.

May 7: CCS staff will send a second report to each library that uses collections. This report will reflect any adjustments made to the library's collections criteria after review of the April 30 report.

May 14: Collections will be turned on in Polaris.

Polaris Collections Schedule

New submissions to collections will be sent weekly. Updates to collections (patrons who have paid bills) will be sent daily.

Collections Reports

During the testing period, April 30-May 14, CCS will also work with libraries to ensure collections reporting needs are met.

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