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Go Live Progress: First Data Extraction Complete

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April 9, 2018

First Data Extraction Complete The first data extraction is complete and Innovative has received our data files. They will begin our data load and processing today.

As a reminder, CCS is in technical services downtime until notified on April 17. During this time:

  • Continue patron transactions including:

  • Checkouts

  • Check-ins

  • Paying fines

  • Placing and filling holds

  • Creating and modifying patron accounts

  • Stop all changes to bibliographic, item, and authority records, including:

  • Acquisitions functions

  • Adding new records

  • Modifying existing records

  • Removing existing records

  • Adding or removing on the fly records

  • Checking out material to in-house use cards like MISSING, DISCARD, REPAIR, and other cards that change item locations to anything other than checked out

Data Load and Processing Begins Over the next several days, Innovative will be processing the delivered files, applying the mapping developed over the past several months, and loading the files into the production database. Next Updates Tuesday, April 10 - afternoon Friday, April 13 - afternoon

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