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Go Live Communication

It’s exciting to think that we will be live on Polaris in one short week! Library and CCS staff have spent months preparing, testing, and training to make the transition as smooth as possible. Even with all of the amazing effort you’ve put in, we know that there will be questions and potential issues on go live day. In order to maximize our efficiency, we are asking all libraries to follow these procedures for reporting issues:

  • Determine your internal reporting structure and make sure staff are aware of internal procedures.

  • For urgent issues, call 847-483-8600

  • For non-urgent issues, email help@ccslib.org or open a ticket in the Fresk Desk portal

Internal Reporting Structure Most libraries have one or a few local CCS experts who gather information from library staff and escalate issues as needed to CCS. In most cases, this would be your library lead or other members of your in-house migration team. Make sure that evening shifts are covered as well.

Urgent Issues Urgent issues are problems that prevent staff or patrons from accessing a service (for example, PowerPAC is down) or impede circulation to patrons (for example, material limits are blocking patrons incorrectly, or loan periods are incorrect).

If your library identifies an urgent issue, call 847-483-8600 to speak with a staff member immediately. Do not call a staff member’s direct line on April 17.

When to call CCS:

  • Unable to log in to Leap or the Staff client

  • Unable to check out materials, place holds, or another essential job function

  • Front desk printer issues (ie, checkout receipts not printing correctly as you are checking patrons out)

  • Fines/loan period codes are incorrect

  • Patrons are blocked from checking out materials they should be eligible to check out

  • PowerPAC is not working. Patrons cannot search, log in, place holds

Non-Urgent Issues Non-urgent issues are problems that need to be corrected, but do not directly interfere with your ability to circulate material. This includes most printer issues, record loading issues, and data mapping for stat codes, locations, and other non-circulation policies.

If your library identifies a non-urgent issue, email help@ccslib.org or open a ticket in the Fresh Desk portal. Do not email staff members directly on April 17 and 18.