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Go Live Progress: Technical Services Data Processing Complete

April 13, 2018

Go Live Progress Processing Complete Processing on bibliographic, item, and authority files is complete. Items will undergo further processing when the transaction file is loaded as part of this weekend's load. Our go live schedule is on track. Offline Begins at 9:00 PM Tonight All changes to patron data, My Account access, and transactions will stop tonight, Friday, April 13 at 9:00 PM. At that time, CCS will take Symphony offline to initiate the second and final data extraction. Workflows will be down until Saturday morning. Enterprise will stay online, but authentication will be disabled.

On Saturday, April 14, we begin using Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. Limited functionality will be available.

Read our offline prep post for a summary, or see offline documentation and the go live schedule for more details. Don't forget to follow along with the go live checklist. Second Data Load The second and final data load will begin tomorrow, Saturday, April 14 in the morning, and we expect the load will be complete by Saturday night. After the load is complete, the data must be processed, which will happen on Sunday and into Monday.

Our next updates will confirm receipt of our patron files and start of the load, and confirm the completion of the data load and start of processing. Next Updates Saturday, April 14 - morning Saturday, April 14 - evening

Other Updates Read Only Access to Symphony As a reminder, your regular Symphony logins will not work when we bring Symphony back up tomorrow morning. Confirm you have your read only login.

Details for Accessing Polaris Production Database The updated remote connection details are available for the Polaris production database. They have been emailed to library leads and IT contacts.

URLs for training and production tools (Leap, PowerPAC, Simply Reports) are also available on the portal. Please remember to update your bookmarks. Polaris Test Database Unavailable April 17-18 The Polaris test database will be unavailable on April 17 and 18. Documentation Added New on the portal: Managing Notices Managing Holds Polaris Policy Documents We've also updated lists of Material Type and Collection Code descriptions and IDs. IDs generally do not display in Leap or the staff client, but are needed for some acquisitions setup.

For an updated list of your library's customized code sheets, go to Web Reports and scroll to the bottom of the page to find Polaris Test Server Reports. Polaris Policies is a tabbed document outlining the policies in use at your library. We are working on documentation for this report which should be ready next week.

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