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Go Live Progress: Final Data Processing Wrapping Up

April 15, 2018 - Update 2

Go Live Progress Final Data Processing Wrapping Up

We are on schedule, and data processing will be complete on Monday morning.

After Processing

When the processing is complete, there are still several steps Innovative must take to ready our Polaris production database for use. The Polaris engineer will perform a database update, after which he and our Implementation Manager will begin quality assurance. This testing ensures that the database is functioning as expected.

When those steps begin, we will be able to confirm key timings for Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Watch for our next update on Monday morning.

All Libraries in Polaris Offline Mode

All libraries will continue to operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. Next Updates

Monday, April 16 - morning Monday, April 16 - afternoon

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