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Go Live Progress: Database QA Beginning

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April 16, 2018

Go Live Progress

Final Data Processing Complete

The load and processing are proceeding on schedule. Data processing has completed successfully. As mentioned in our last update, that doesn’t mean our database is ready for primetime.

Database Updates and Quality Assurance

Innovative and CCS staff will be working throughout the day to make sure the database is prepared to accept offline files this evening and begin circulation tomorrow. All libraries will continue to operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17.

Stop on Patron Registration - 5:00 PM

Libraries who have done offline patron registration this weekend will stop offline patron registration at 5:00 PM. At that time, they will log out of Polaris offline on the patron registration workstation. This will write their final offline registration file to the terminal server for CCS and Polaris to find and process.

Log Out of Polaris - 9:00 PM

Libraries will complete their final offline transactions and log out of Polaris offline at 9:00 PM. Doing so will write their final offline files to the terminal server. CCS and Polaris will be processing offline files this evening.

Connect Offline Self Checks to Polaris - 9:05 PM

For libraries who have used offline self checks: After the library is closed, you will connect each self check to Polaris. This will forward offline transactions to the production database. The SIP configuration has not changed yet, but will be changed this afternoon. We will confirm in our second update today.

Next Updates

Monday, April 16 - late afternoon

Tuesday, April 17 - morning

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