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Go Live Progress: Notices, Take Two

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April 19, 2018

Go Live Progress

Notice Delivery: Take Two Polaris was able to resolve the issue described yesterday, in which notice sent dates did not migrate properly. CCS has done some additional research to confirm that notices will be generated for eligible patrons.

We will run the notice job at noon today. As noted previously, notice delivery times will vary based on notice delivery format and other factors.

Fine Notices We will not be generating fine notices today, which are one of the new notice types in Polaris. This notices alert patrons with a balance over a specified amount on their account. Your library may choose to send these or not. At this time, only a few libraries have expressed interest in fine notices. We will work with those libraries to test these notices over the next couple of weeks.

Existing Holds We have extended hold until dates for libraries that requested that change. Those dates will be reflected in notices generated today.

More on preparing for notices on the portal Slow or Hanging Imports CCS has heard several reports of bib imports not completing. At this time, the problem appears to be related to the deduplication rule matching the 001 and 035. This rule has been removed from the system default settings.

Staff should confirm their import profiles do not use the 001/035 deduplication rule and rerun problematic imports. If you experience further issues, please email help@ccslib.org so we can do further research.

We will work with Polaris to resolve the issue with the deduplication rule. This is rule is only used for re-importing exported marc records from the database and should not affect day to day work for most library staff. We will let you know when this issue is resolved. 9:30-9:45 AM Polaris Issues Several libraries were affected by Polaris problems this morning from approximately 9:30 AM until 9:45 AM. Thank you for the quick reports and submissions of screenshots. CCS reported the issue to Polaris staff, and they were able to identify and resolve the problem within 15 minutes. There was a job hung up on the server that they were able to clear. They do not anticipate it will cause further issues.

CCS will process any offline files created during that window. Boopsie Issue Boopsie is working on a technical issue that is causing problems with the app. They have all of the relevant SIP connection details, and are working to resolve the problem. Next Updates Thursday, April 19 - afternoon

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