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Go Live Progress: Notices Ready to Print and Post

April 20, 2018

Notices Ready to Print and Post Print notices are available in the staff client under Utilities > Reports and Notices > Notices to print and post.

Reminder: Close Records When Not In Use Polaris uses what are called object locks to make sure that records are not being modified by more than one user at a time. Polaris's streamlined design means there are not separate modules to view and modify records. All staff should remember to close records when they are not in use.

This is especially important when logging out of Leap. We're conditioned to close a browser window without logging out of all of our services. With Leap, you should close all records, log out of Leap, and then close the browser window. You can use the Close All option in the Leap sidebar. This extra step will help ensure your colleagues have access to the records you may have used. Limited Availability of CCS Staff Today from 1 PM - 2 PM CCS staff will be in a staff meeting today from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. During our meeting, we will monitor Fresh Desk for urgent issues like a down system. Next Updates Friday, April 20 - afternoon

Watch for documentation for offline mode and another batch of migration exceptions.

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