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Go Live Update: Data Updates & Reminders

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April 24, 2018

Just a few updates and reminders. We'll send another update on Friday!

Data Updates ILL Libraries Many records for Interlibrary Loan Libraries were loaded with truncated last names. The library's OCLC symbol or delivery code was most often stored at the end of the last name. To preserve this data, any content in an ILL library record last name field in parenthesis will be moved to the first name field. On Order Items Some on order material migrated with a circulation status of available. This allowed these materials to appear on the pick list. Items with Symphony generated call numbers (start with XX(...) have been updated. To move these items to a circulation status of available, check them in twice. The first check-in will set the circulation status to in process, and the second to available. eContent Made Non-holdable Some econtent records had been configured as holdable prior to econtent configuration. This allowed these materials to appear on the picklist. They have been updated to be non-holdable. Integrated econtent (Overdrive, Cloud Library, Axis 360) will be holdable when configuration is complete. Reminders Accepting Intra-CCS Replacement Payments CCS is working on a quarterly report for libraries to streamline payments for lost or damaged material borrowed from other CCS libraries. Libraries should not send payment item-by-item to CCS libraries at this time. We will have a report for review and comment before implementing further changes. Upcoming Meetings May 11, 9:30 AM - Circ/ILL at Evanston ** Location Change ** May 17, 9:30 AM - PAS at McHenry Next Updates Friday, April 27